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              Select the best moisture analyzer for your application-Test with The Best, The advertising inscription, heading defines a novelty of the goods, Ultra high repeatability of 0.001% (MS-70), 0.01%(MX-50),(S.D.)in moisture content determination!
              ●Fast and uniform heating with a straight halogen lamp and innovative SRA
              (Secondary Radiation Assist) technology shorten measurement time
              ●Standard Win-CT-Moisture (for MS-70 & MX-50 only) for easy analyzing mode setting through PC and for real-time graph displaying of moisture content rate change while measuring
              ●Sodium Tartrate Dehydrate with its stable moisture rate comes standard for accuracy checking
              ●Optional temperature calibrator, calibration result can be output
              ●Memory function allows 20 (10 for MF-50, 5 for ML-50) suitable measurement conditions according to sample and 100 (50 for MF-50, 30 for ML-50) measurement result data storage and outputs
              ●Four choices of measurement programs, Standard, Automatic Complete, Timer, and Manual Mode are selectable
              ●Clear and easy-to-see, large VFD display shows measurement, setting value, change in moisture content, action status, data number and other important information
              ●Low maintenance cost assured, thanks to user replaceable halogen lamp
              without unit downtime with protective chamber for easy clean
              ●Progress window for heating check
              ●"Quick Mode" in the measurement program for drying the sample faster
              by heating the sample at 200ーC for 3 minutes.
              ●Self check function
              ●Conformity to GLP,GMP,GCP and ISO with date /time ,ID calibration data and check record outputs

              Model moisture content display Capacity Resolution
              Drying temperature
              New MS-70 0.001%/0.01%/0.1% 71g 0.0001g
              MX-50 0.01%/0.1% 51g 0.001g
              MF-50 0.05%/0.1%/1% 0.002g
              New ML-50
              0.1%/1% 0.005g

              Pan Size Ø 85mm



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