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              SV-1A /SV-10A Series
              Sine-wave Vibro Viscometer
              2ml Sample Measurement Now Possible!
              • Very small sample size
                The SV-1A requires a sample volume of only 2ml (SV-10A: 10ml or more) so users do not waste any samples and can save costs.
              • Titanium sensor plates
                Anti-corrosive, titanium (JIS Class 2) sensor plates, which are resistant to chemical substances.
              • X-Y-Z stage
                Fine position adjustment of the sample cup in three axial directions.
              • Detachable sensor unit
                The sensor unit can be detached from the stand and conveniently used for field research purposes.
              • Standard carrying case
                A portable carrying case is provided as standard for field research purposes.
              • Auto hold function
                When the change of the displayed viscosity value is within the stabilization range for a fixed period of averaging time, the Stability value is set to hold. This function is useful when measuring in the field.
              • Standard WinCT-Viscosity software & serial-USB converter


              AX-SV-51 (standard) Stand Set with X-Y-Z stage
              AX-SV-52 X-Y-Z stage
              AX-SV-53 (standard)    Software Package with Serial USB converter
              AX-SV-54 (standard)* Sample Container Set for SV-10A
              45ml×5pcs, 10ml with cover×5 pcs, Polycarbonate
              13ml×2 pcs, Glass
              Glass Container Holder×1 pc
              Circulation Water Jacket×1 pc
              AX-SV-55 (standard)** Sample Container Set for SV-1A
              2ml with lid×10 pcs, Polycarbonate
              2ml×10 pcs, Glass
              45ml×5 pcs, Polycarbonate
              Container Holder for 2ml×5 pcs, Polycarbonate
              Container Table for 2ml container×1 pc
              Circulation Water Jacket×1 pc
              AX-SV-56-1** Container Holder for 2ml×5 pcs, Transparent
              AX-SV-56-2**    Container Holder for 2ml×5 pcs, Black
              AX-SV-57** Container Table for 2ml container×2 pcs
              AX-SV-58** 2ml with lid×100 pcs, Polycarbonate
              AX-SV-59** 2ml with lid×5 pcs, Glass
              Container Table for 2ml container×1 pc

              * for SV-10A only
              ** for SV-1A only


              Model  SV-1A  SV-10A
              Measurement Method Sine-wave Vibro Viscometer using Tuning Fork Vibration Method (30Hz)
              Viscosity Measurement Rang 0.8~1000mPa・s 0.3~10000mPa・s
              Accuracy 1% Repeatability (S.D., 20~30C°, No condensation)
              Minimum Sample Amount 2ml~ 10ml~
              Temperature Measurement 0~160C°/0.1C°(32~320°F/0.1°F)
              Power Supply AC Adaptor (Approx. 14VA)


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